Mobile Wheel Alignment Service – The Wheel Aligners

The Wheel Aligners are the only specialised mobile Laser Wheel Alignment Company servicing the Mid-West, South West, Gascoyne, Goldfields, Pilbara, Murchison and Kimberley regions of Western Australia. We provide wheel alignments for Trucks, Trailers, Coaches, Buses and Four Wheel Drives

We will travel anywhere! Remote mine sites, workshops, stations, anywhere.

With some 30 years of experience we provide a professional service in all areas of Alignment and Steering Geometry. If you are not happy with your tyre performance or if your vehicle is pulling left or right, we can help.

Before we start a Laser Wheel Alignment a free pre-start inspection is carried out, to ensure all steering components are in a good and safe condition without excessive wear.

The free inspection includes:

  • Tie rod ends
  • Draglink ends
  • King Pins
  • Bearings
  • Suspension
  • Steering Box
  • Steering Column
  • Tyre condition – psi – load ratings
  • Tyre correctly positioned
  • Correct Tyre Application

We carry out Laser Wheel Alignments on Heavy/Light Trucks, Trailers, Coaches/Buses and Four Wheel Drives:

  • Front & Rear Laser Alignment
  • Twin Steer Trucks
  • Trailer & Dolly
  • Wheel Balance (on request)
  • Labour Hire
  • Tyre/Wheel audit service


Two of the obvious benefits of having a specialist professionally carried out Laser Wheel Alignment are reduced tyre wear and reduced tyre maintenance costs and down time.

Some other benefits that are not commonly known are:

  • Improved driving characteristics
  • Reduced driver fatigue
  • Improved fuel consumption
  • Reduced carbon Emissions
  • Improved Safety
  • Reduced Maintenance

If you are experiencing abnormal tyre wear, poor driving characteristics or you haven’t had a Laser Wheel Alignment for some time then contact us, as we would love to help you!.